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Welcome to the third newsletter from the project on Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in Occupational Setting - MENTUPP!

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The MENTUPP Consortium would like to thank you for your proactive participation in the first follow-up survey of the MENTUPP project aimed at building mentally healthy workplaces. Since our second newsletter, we have been collecting and analysing the outcomes of the survey and monitoring the login and use of the MENTUPP Hub. In the coming weeks, we will be in contact with you to share the final follow-up survey to understand your overall experience in the MENTUPP Hub and your final thoughts about the MENTUPP project. The second follow-up survey will open on June 1st.

As with the first follow-up survey, if your SME belongs to the intervention group of the MENTUPP large-scale testing, you can let us know about your overall MENTUPP Hub journey and further areas for improvement. We are committed to providing Hub users with the best possible experience.
If your SME belongs to the control group of the MENTUPP large-scale testing, you can inform us about how you have been doing since the start of the MENTUPP project.

Please join in alongside others in organisations from across Europe and Australia to share your valuable feedback to help us improve the MENTUPP Hub and better understand your needs.

For more information about the MENTUPP project, check our website at


Thank you for participating in the MENTUPP project. We really appreciate your interest and valuable contribution to our research on improving mental health in workplace settings. If you have any questions or thoughts, please do get in touch at