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If you think that you need emotional help and support, the following helplines are available in your country. They are there to help you when dealing with distressing problems as well as with serious personal crisis – it might already help to talk it through with somebody who is not personally involved.

If thoughts about taking your own life are present or getting stronger or are even uncontrollabe and obtruding, then please call emergency services.


For a list of crisis centres in your country, please click here.





Emergency Situations Call: 000


Suicide related Helplines


Lifeline Australia - 24/7 Crisis Support

Phone: 13 11 14

Webchat available from the Lifeline webiste between hours of 7pm and Midnight AEST

SMS Service available between hours of 12pm and midnight (Text: 0477 131 114​)


Suicide Call Back Service

24/7 Access to 30 minute sessions with Professional Counsellors (eligible clients may have the option to register their details and receive up to 6-follow up sessions with the same counsellor)

Phone: 1300 659 467

Webchat and Video Chat options available from the SCBS website


Mental Health and Wellbeing Helplines



24/7 Support Service

NB: Not suicide specific - more focused on support for mental health and wellbeing

Phone: 1300 22 4636

Webchat available between hours of 3pm and midnight AEST from beyondblue website

**BeyondBlue also have an online resource and helpline dedicated to mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic and call 1800 512 348 anytime


Mensline Australia

24/7 Supportive non-judgemental counselling for Australian Men (eligible clients may have the option to register their details and receive up to 6-follow up sessions)

NB: Not suicide specific - a non-judgemental support service focused on the mental health and wellbeing needs of Australian Men (may be particularly relevant for construction sector)

Phone: 1300 78 99 78

Webchat and Video Chat options available from the Mensline website


MATES in Construction

24/7 Support Service

NB: A helpline service provided by MATES in Construction specifically for construction workers in Australia

Phone: 1300 642 111






Emergency: 112 or 999


Samaritans - Confidential non-judgemental emotional support 24 hours a day

Call: 116 123 (Republic of Ireland)


Visit: Find your nearest Samaritans branch


Find a GP in Ireland on the website of the Irish College of General Practitioners



Depression Support Groups - Aware a voluntary organisation founded to assist those directly affected be depression

Call: 1800 80 48 48


Support group (In Person, Phone and Zoom)






Mental Health Finland

Call: 09 2525 0111


In Finnish:

Kriisipuhelin päivystää numerossa 09 2525 0111 suomen kielellä 24/7.


In Swedish:

Kristelefon - hjälp och stöd i svåra livssituationer

Svenskspråkig Kristelefon 09 2525 0112

Telefonjouren är öppen:

må, on kl. 16-20

ti, to och fr kl.9-13.


Arabic and English:

päivystää numerossa 09 2525 0113

ma ja ti klo 11-15,

ke klo 13-16 ja klo 17-21 sekä

to klo 10-15.


Ulkomailta soitettaessa esimerkiksi Kriisipuhelimen suomenkielisen linjan numero on +358 9 2525 0111.